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    looking for a template provider

    I am looking for someone that can either A. make templates for me, or B. make templates and run Zennoposter for me on my dedicated server. I have the program installed, but lack the time to use it. I however, don't lack the cash to have someone else run it though :) So if you have experience...
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    Using / Getting Mouse Position Co-ordinates ??

    I am more curious how your getting an Elements Coordinates in Project Maker because if your are, by utilizing the way ZP uses 3rd party Captcha Breaking dll's, the Emulations.dll (or a quick rewrite) could be used in the Project Maker leveraging the captchas system... The only thing I couldn't...
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    Selecting inside a div

    Firing a Click event on the div container that holds the link wont work. Since a Div isn't a Link, telling the browser to Raise the Click event on that specific div element wont in-turn Raise the Click event to the div's children. Do what gcomm said first, your regex can be a little more...
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    Selecting inside a div

    Oops, accidentally posted twice... see the below post
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    Tired with the different results of Pro Branch Constructor and Debug or ZennoPoster

    msfaria, Is it actually NOT finding the element? It should say at the bottom when you Debug. If so, then your most likely not identifying it properly OR your trying to find the element before it's fully loaded. In the case of the ladder- make a loop, if the click fails (red dot) go back to the...
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    pull data from database

    Besides, you could just have ZP navigate to your .php page with query string variables and scrape the data from the page's response like you would a normal site.
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    YouTube Setting Uploaded Videos > Edit Info

    Try the branch creator... First, in ZP bring up the Element properties window. Then hover over the "Edit info" button you want to click. I assume the text "Edit info" is a span tag which ZP doesn't pick up very well. But if you hover over the "Edit info", the Element properties window probably...
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    Simple Suggestion for Template Recorder

    Not a big deal but it would be nice if we could get access to the branch properties when Recording a template rather than only when your in the Template Editor. Essentially access to the Template Editor's element properties window but for Recorded Branches that haven't been Copied to the...
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    Make Zennoposter like a specific Youtube video comment?

    Look into User32.dll API calls... Look into Instance.Maintab.Handle and an elements he.DisplacementInTab property in ZP's Code Creator. If you can't figure out the rest, your just not trying.
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    Make Zennoposter like a specific Youtube video comment?

    They can't check for too many things beyond your Youtube Voting Accounts activity... Maybe try adding a random pause to simulate a User actually watching the video... Randomize the User-Agents / anything else you can in the headers... If all that doesn't work, maybe Mouse activity/point of...
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    Make Zennoposter like a specific Youtube video comment?

    I ended up throwing a template together that uses the .dll in Code Creator to run through a list of Accounts/Video's. http://theseobay.com/codecreator-support/986-%5Bget%5D-free-commented-template-vote-youtube-comments.html
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    Error on program load, then it closes.

    When I am in Code Creator with a dedocked ZP browser window (I have two screens) and then close, the next time I open Project Maker- it will error and close not letting me open it. The problem seems to be the dedocked browser window I use in Code Creator. I have to go back into Code Creator...
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    Make Zennoposter like a specific Youtube video comment?

    Since I didn't hear back from anyone, I wrote my own. You can find the .dll here: http://theseobay.com/zennoposter-support/964-youtube-comment-vote-up-down-2.html Let me know if there are any problems.
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    Retrieving Cookies

    Is there a way of getting the Cookies currently set or access to the Cookie Container? All I can find is way's to set a cookie. Access to the Browser Request Headers would work as well.... anyone have any ideas?
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    Make Zennoposter like a specific Youtube video comment?

    I just looked into this and it seems we need to Emulate the Mouse's Position on the Div so the Vote Up/Down buttons appear. I was able to successfully Vote Up a few comments by Emulating (using the Emulations.dll) a LeftMouseButton on the comment <LI Element and then Emulating again for the...
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    Simulation keyboard/mouse events

    I just PMed Darkdiver to hopefully get a function added to emulate Mouse Positioning for hover effects (like Youtube comments). Hope to hear back soon.