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  1. gudolik

    funcaptcha support

    Well any plans to sell solution? I paid to dev to do with google vision but takes 10s to get token, but still cheaper than any server
  2. gudolik

    hCaptcha Support

    well if you check forum you will see they lost a lot clients with that and their competitor already working on that to add it
  3. gudolik

    Как сайт палит прокси?

    How you doing this?
  4. gudolik

    [C#, .NET] Создать шаблон REST API для ZennoPoster

    I'm looking for this but not that complicated just to run and start zennoposter and return data from it through REST API
  5. gudolik

    [MIX.Mail.Cheker] - MIX чекер почт на валид через imap, ~60000 сервисов

    How checks gmail, yahoo and outlook they don't work with imap
  6. gudolik

    Any progression on the Bot interface for clients?

    Its still on plan?
  7. gudolik

    Lets discuss ZennoBox options

    8 years later and nothing on ZennoBox lol, Zennoposter is a good product, only if there was standalone compile option and ZennoBox was not 20thread lock... What is alternative way to sell bots?
  8. gudolik

    hCaptcha Module

    Totally agree, and now Cloudflare require this everwhere drives me mad
  9. gudolik

    Why can't get customer status?

    When i click "Get Customer Status" I'm always getting an error message "Come back later...", how to get Customer Status when the function is broken?