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    zennoposter email server settings

    Maybe try to load credentials from file/table.
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    h-captcha 2captcha callback

    Did you try standard zennoposter setting in action poster captcha recognition - it was 2captcha.dll.
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    How to create hundreds of Gmail accounts with Zennoposter ?

    I guess proper proxy might be important here.
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    Proxy-Seller.com - Residential / 4G LTE / IPv4 / IPv6 High Quality Private proxies. Lots of GEO

    Can we use it to set up Google account without phone verification?
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    Cannot get the initial profile

    Did you solve it?
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    Trick to find what's slowing your template down

    Nice share. Does it work only on newest zp version?
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    blocking urls in browser request

    You want to block before visiting a page?
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    Undetectable Browser settings

    The only way it to try different settings. There are only few browser engines so adding different useragents etc give you answer.
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    Parasite SEO & Reddit?

    Zenno is just a tool, it's up to you how to use it. On reddit just to start karma is crucial, without it you won't post anything.
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    Translating youtube videos

    Is there any tool we can use to automate traslating and reading subtitles of youtube videos in a language of our preference? Maybe some AI utility?
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    Gmail and zennoposter

    Anything changed since last year?
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    Geolocation popup

    Is it possible to autoclose/hide geolocation popup in projectmaker?
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    Hcaptcha in zennoposter solving

    Is any version able to autosolve (autosubmit) hcaptcha via 2catpcha?
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    Gmail and zennoposter

    Do you have any knowledge if newest zennoposter solved that issue?
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    Gmail and zennoposter

    Setting 2FA would allow zennoposter to check mails like in the past?
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    Gmail and zennoposter

    Is it possible to login in gmail with zennoposter to verify links? I guess 2fa make it harder if not impossible.
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    Recaptcha template

    I need recaptcha configuration for zennoposter using api of a service like 2captcha.
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    Decaptcher service is not emulated

    Nobody using decaptcher?
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    Decaptcher service is not emulated

    I guess the issue is about all captcha brakers using decaptcher dll. Any modificatiions have to be made since zennoposter 7.5.1.x?
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    Decaptcher service is not emulated

    Not that I am aware.
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    Decaptcher service is not emulated

    Does captcha sniper have issues with newest zennoposter version? I have configured it in old zennoposter working like below:
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    Issues after upgrade

    {-//-} was pointing to zennoposter directory (Progs), not project directory.
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    Issues after upgrade

    It's pointing to zennoposter main directory. It's impossible to work without it.
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    Issues after upgrade

    How change it? {-//-} element is really useful.
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    Issues after upgrade

    The issue is with code element: {-//-} - when I put manually path it works fine. Above code worked in previous versions of zennoposter.
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    VPN in Zennoposter

    Were there any plans to allow using VPNs from inside zennoposter?
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    Zennoposter as software testing tool

    Do you think that zennoposter can be used for software testing? I think it's universal and I can only see 2 issues - it will work with web-based testing and it has small amounts of browsers for testing. What are your experiences? Do you use it in your testing jobs?
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    Issues after upgrade

    After upgrading from 5 to 7 I got few issues: 1. Cannot send captcha via decaptcher dll. Is only putting url in "more options" in setting necessary? Since 7 I cannot send them both in project maker and main app. 2. I am no good with C# but any reason why it stopped working?: var path =...
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    Latest version? Issues with Recaptcha v2

    You meant (I'm not a robot) captcha?
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    New recaptcha

    I mean reCAPTCHA V2 (I'm not a robot). From your experience zennoposter with 2captcha have good solve rate? 2captcha has easiest method to solve just by using javascript to set the value of g-recaptcha-response: document.getElementById("g-recaptcha-response").innerHTML="TOKEN_FROM_2CAPTCHA"...
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    New recaptcha

    Is it possible for zennoposter to solve (via external services) all recaptchas? Any english tutorial how to send them?
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    Changing directories

    Since version 7 operator {-//-} seems to be changed. In 5 it's returning: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZennoLab\ZennoPoster Standard\Progs\ Since 7 it's changing and seems to be interfering with projects: C:\Program Files\ZennoLab\EN\ZennoPoster Standard V7\\Progs\ C:\Program...
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    Changes between versions

    I see. Is the operator {-//-} not working?, Also does private proxy setting being changed? Old format was: user:pass@ip:port. It seems not working.
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    Changes between versions

    I mean many action objects changed in zennoposter since that version. Are they all converted?
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    Changes between versions

    Is zennoposter able to convert old objects to new? Any key aspects from your experience?
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    Changes between versions

    What is the easiest way of upgrading old projects from 5.8 to 7.3 ? Is it any way to omit manual changing each file? From fast look I see varios operators like {-//-} not working, private proxy setting seems also being changed.
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    Zennoposter and Gmail

    Best bet would be your own hosting for sure.
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    Zennoposter and Gmail

    If that do not work you can in worst case just add filter in gmail redirecting all mails to your different email.
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    ZennoPoster dead for SEO purpose?

    And if zennoposter is dead for seo, means we can still make it usable in countless other purposes.
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    Proxychecker in ZP: Difference "Check Proxies" and "Re-check Live"

    Check will go with all you have in base, while the 2nd be faster checking only those alive.
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    Discussion - new version

    Is newest zennoposter using featurest of newest firefox? I heard that firefox 57 or one of the previous versions make it really efficient.
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    Enable cookies

    Have you tried different proxy, user agents, cache and cookie clearing?
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    How to set recaptcha2

    You have to use some api of a decaptcher - 2captcha has it explained in detal.
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    Is there a way to edit multiple projects at once?

    Is it theoretically possible that any future zennopsoter version would allow to edit xmlz files (notepad style)?
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    Errors in the templates?! Find and solve them 2 times faster !!!

    Very nice tutorial, the only thing I wonder how to easily locate that "error id" in project maker - which block it is.
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    Mass posting to multiple acconts in one projeckt.

    You should create additional files holding remaining posts numer for that day. Those files should be resetted daily - so they work as global variable.
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    Recaptcha recognizes Zennoposter and machine

    What about the latest mouse emulation that was introduced in zenno. I heard that the way you tick that rectangle can also trigger graphical challende. Maybe trying to emulate "human mouse movement" can be helpful.
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    Work with multiple social media profiles ?

    Unfortunately no - you should consider private or semi-private - those from my signature are very reliable and with good support.
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    Work with multiple social media profiles ?

    You should write to file proxy and corresponding account - so zennopsoter would map them every time. Also toggling prifile data, user agent etc would be a good idea.
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    How to prevent duplicate text entry?

    Have you tried changing quality settings?