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    Is it just me that thinks this?

    Please explain.
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    MUST HAVE Table Processin/List Processing/Write Text Synchronised

    Things are simple. It appears again you & DJ don't understand simple programing 101 fundmentals. Files != data structure. Look, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_structure For code to process collections of data and output a result without going full retard, the data needs to be formated...
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    Wordpress, activate links widget

    What you can use is a web based mySQL command shell. You can FTP up with ZP either a basic php standalone script or one of the wordpress plugin mysql shells. Then ZP can post txt to the shell & do a insert sql query to update the table associated with the blogroll widget. To get the correctly...
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    How to edit Theme in Tumblr

    You can use Ctrl-A in ZP, Ctrl-A & Ctrl-V are system clipboard functions, not browser/firefox functions, so you can bridge from your system to the site with a simple python script run as .bat file (python can access & control 99.9999% of system resources with std library). Pythons got a few...
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    MUST HAVE Table Processin/List Processing/Write Text Synchronised

    Please explain then. With just one "if" action its impossible to write blank lines to file, thats a simple & easy solution. Defiantly no work around, logic is the fundamental essence of programming.
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    MUST HAVE Table Processin/List Processing/Write Text Synchronised

    Before the "write to txt" action, add "if" action with: '{-Variable.write_to_file_data-}'!='' Then no empty lines can write to file. A empty line remover would be good, but it can't be auto magic, just a boolean option. There are a few examples where deliberate empty lines are used in...
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    Bulk Email Processing

    Framework autogens a commonsense english dictionary name, thats explicit to context & Class, with a sequence of appended integers to avoid namespace collisions (aka good commonsense time-savers). Why would you go out of your way & fuck with something that works out of the box & deliberately...
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    Bulk Email Processing

    Your having problems because the above c# example & wiki example don't work because of a simple typo in the foreach loop. In example above, change "Tabl1" to "Table1" or the name of the table your using (aka Table2, Table3). project.Tables["Table1"].AddRow(tmp); - Copy/paste into "c# code"...
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    FFinstance growing big

    #5 is the cause of problem. Instead of looping back to the list & loading a new address, just exit the instance (new instance spawn can load new address, etc).
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    C# Bulk Mail Download With only 4 mails downloaded

    Maybe the issue has a solution in this line? ZennoLab.InterfacesLibrary.Enums.Email.EmailProtocol.POP3, 24*100, 20, false); From the wiki I see "24*100" is a parameter for: On the wiki there is no mention of the units used for the parameter in "lastHours". Does anyone know what 24*100...
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    List of To Do's and Feature Ideas

    Here's just one thread, over a year old (aka ZP3), with multiple people speaking about experiences the complete opposite to your claim. See how they mention separating email process into a separate template solves the problem...
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    Analyzing a list of URL with an API

    Here you go, sort domains via backlinks, in one line of code: Save the urls and backlink numbers in a file called "domains.txt" with a tuple format, like this: [ ('domain5.com', 10), ('domain1.com', 50), ('domain2.com', 40), ('domain3.com', 30), ] Down python...
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    About bugs

    drvosjeca, I'm totally 100% cool with insults, name calling & swearing. Please continue with the flirting. Oh yeah, after breakfast, can you pass on the msg to Kepperbes that I'm still waiting on the Q&A link from stackoverflow.com. I'm sure he will find heaps of experts to back up his...
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    About bugs

    Oh yeah, whilst we are on the subject of trolling fails; If you follow the link to the quote, its plain to see drvosjeca threaten nauru 1st, and the thread isn't about bugs, its about features. Two half-truths don't make a truth. You know it was about features, because you mention the word...
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    About bugs

    Dude, put the crack pipe down, your constant fantasy-world trolling is as pathetic as drvosjeca 's blackmailing. No sane developer can consistently give exact times for releases of bug fixes, instant bug fixes (LOL), or promise zero future bugs(LOL), your dreaming the impossible dream...
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    About bugs

    This thread by itself, yes what your saying might be fair & true. But the facts are Kepperbes, drvosjeca & co have been are running a poison-the-well troll attack for quite some time. drvosjeca even threaten nuaru with sabotage before. Look, in his own words. The above is beyond...
  17. C Logical IF Bugs/Problems

    PM's visual code layout is a type of "mind map" application. Seperating ideas/concepts visually into different nodes, like a mind map, makes problem solving/debugging easier. Its been proven beyond doubt over 60yrs, but don't believe me, go have a look at the 100's of studies on google scholar...
  18. C Logical IF Bugs/Problems

    Meh. Negative proof is a logical fallacy </thread>. Did you miss the short-bus for Trolling 101? Oh yeah, its not my logic, its the logic of 100's of researchers doing a crazy thing called science. Kepperbes how about you give trolling abreak for a while, this is the 2nd time caughtout...
  19. C Logical IF Bugs/Problems

    Lets apply your logic to the following multiple choice quiz. Question: "Whats wrong ? with this sentence" A: Question mark in wrong spot. B: Question mark in wrong spot. C: Nothing wrong. Boxcutter says its ok. . Metaphorically, action group is a sentence and logic actions are...
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    Multi Threaded Email Processing Issue

    Its not your fault or ZP's fault, that tutorial is teaching n00b design patterns. You need to separate registration process from email confirmation into separate templates, which you have to learn to do anyway for universal/multi-site templates if you want to actually rank for something...
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    Bulk Email Processing

    Are you talking about tutorials that include site registration & mail confirmation in the same template?
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    ZennoBox discussion

    Cool story bro. Your odesk page lists your hrly rate as $16.67, trololoo. On the basis of your own opinion, which is rate pricing, your a HORRIBLE BUSINESS. As a suggestion, maybe try upselling fries with the bot orders so you can bump the average rate over $17.
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    [SOLVED] Poster: Memory release bug.

    I think i've isolated the issue to JS only found on this one site platform, just have to do a few more templates to be sure. Otherwise, seems to be good @ staying under 100mb per instance
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    Need help with proxies

    How do you know its because of IP? There are numerous cases of big work places, colleges, etc having one IP, or small range, and a boat load of people using services without any IP bans. If the site has 1million fresh pages a day to scrape, its most likely got a shit load of traffic from work...
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    [SOLVED] Poster: Memory release bug.

    I remember on the zenno website there was some test forms, i forget the URL? Is the zenno test forms hosting good enough to handle a ZP template posting 20 threads continuous for 15mins? If so i'll make a demo that replicates the issue
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    [SOLVED] Poster: Memory release bug.

    The issue with memory release still isn't fixed with 4.1.0, although it has improved (just a little slower in the ramp up in memory). FFinstances still ramp up to 1GB+ of memory per instance, totally ignoring instance memory settings. Poster is only useable if I babysit by terminating runaway...
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    Action 'Run program' bug or am I missing something?

    I was excited to see some .py for ZP... did'nt read all your post, lol. I'm really interested to see this work, i always assumed that python with ZP was only a possibility via ironpy & codecreator.
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    Action 'Run program' bug or am I missing something?

    Quick look, the .pyw has a *nix hashbang filepath
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    Select multiple actions at the same time.

    You can select a group of action for moving & coping by clicking on the white edge trim to the groups.
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    Looks like the playing field has just gotten tougher.............

    Considering to develop a Zenno like automation framework relying on sockets is like a one legged cat trying to bury a sloppy shit on a frozen pond. Sockets is one of those cool stories that dreamers sell to n00bs. Its super hard to execute on with a modern javascript application type sites...
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    Looks like the playing field has just gotten tougher.............

    SEnuke has been an opinionated software for years on how SEO should be done, Areebs opinion, and those years of track record show Areeb's judgement calls on software engineering & SEO suck (but he's a smart marketer & built a killer business). But at the end of the day, doesn't matter what...
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    New Feature Request

    You can do what your suggesting now. Just use the scheduler to run a template as often as you want to check for image file changes. Template just needs regex pattern that gets the content images URL/file paths, save to file, then logic loop comparing new & old img files lists. About 10mins work.
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    Scraper sometimes repeats same pages

    1. Pull the page URL before reload 2. Pull the page URL after reload 3. Add URL variables to logic action {oldurl}=={newurl} 4 If URLS ==, pass thru a counter loop before retrying page reload (saves your ass from a infinite loop).
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    [SOLVED] Poster: Memory release bug.

    In comparison to 4.0.7, poster has more of a issue with releasing memory at thread completion on long posting runs. My reference point is a multi-site template that performed great in ZP3, and its been translated to ZP4 using the same macros, regexs & loops. With 4.0.7 there was a...
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    [SOLVED] Manually enter text in ZennoPoster

    Non-computer source data entry via computer ? 0_o
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    [SOLVED] Projectmaker taking minutes to load and open.

    I've had the same issue, but I've been able to fix it by reinstalling. Projectmaker is pretty stable now, its now the poster going full retard on memory use, etc. Have you tried downloading the exe again? Sometimes a file get a little corrupted in the downloading process, but appears to be ok.
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    Action designer: select last match of search

    In the DOM regex the tags either side of the target href, and you'll get a single match.
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    ZennoPoster Memory Usage Increases & Increases Until it Crashes

    I'm not doubting what your saying, but I've had 4.0.7 run 24/7 for 6 days, with zero crashes, until i had to do a windows update restart (all my posting templates have a scrapping and loops). With ZP3 i'd dial in templates to use 80% of free memory, with ZP4 I've been leaving 50% of server...
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    Feature Request: Word Processor - String Split

    Split strings is already in the tables file action. I'm using my old ZP3 lists that required split strings with ZP4 everyday.
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    Sneaky replacement

    Might be able to use the "word processing" replace function, if you can get a regex pattern to pick up the 2nd fullstop (In the replace function you can select "regex").
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    How to regex these fields help needed

    I'd do multiple regex parses. 1. One regex pass gets the whole div block for "infos address" class, and saves to file. 2. Now just pick off the lines you want for regex by the file line count. If you use <div class="infos address"> for before search txt, and <div class="infos telephone" for...
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    Projects cannot be executed successfully Sometimes! Help!

    @raomeng The first step with debugging any issue, on any software of note, is to look at the log files. What does the log say? If you have ever worked with programming pro's, you will notice its a automatic reflex response. What does the log say? Been aware of this is how you weed out the...
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    Go to page problem

    In the debugger, when you run the template, look at the error log & the variable log. Down the bottom of the editor is a scrolling panel that records the content of the variables been passed to actions. If the value is blank, you just go double check the action that supposed to be parsing a...
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    need some help with uploads

    There is a firefox plugin called "live http header". Try recording a normal upload with firefox (plugin records all browser http requests), then see if the http requests can be used in the new Zenno get & post http actions. Maybe, maybe not.
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    Gmail blocking IMAP

    If you where super conservative, and used just 5 threads, thats approx between 10 to 30 imap requests/min (or 600 to 1800 imap requests/hr). Yes?
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    Gmail blocking IMAP

    Is the mail processing in the middle of the template in between a registration and post sequence?
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    [BIG TIMESAVER!!!] Speed Up The Debug Process

    Pro tip; 1. Ctrl+A, & then Ctrl+C key action setting field. 2. Ctrl+V key action setting into comments. Comments can show 52 chars of information with a simple quick mouse over, a popup will appear (NO double clicks required). With 95% of actions the key information is one: field, regex, file...
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    Compiling bots for sale supported? Any plans about it?

    If you have a look in the editor of ZP MP there is an answer to your question. Down the bottom left, is a "protection" action for encrypting user access levels to the template. The encryption protection is using the ZP licence email, so i'd take a wild guess and say they just have to add an...
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    How can I use actions designer to do this...

    Regex is the correct answer to the problem. The syntax of the code either side of "two forms are very similar (same attribute name, id, class etc)" can be used to pull a regex pattern that can be used in the action designer. By the fact the forms are rendered at different positions on the page...
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    New build (27.06.12)

    Double standards much. Someone has no problem been overcritical with the ZP developers all the time over a beta. But when they get a critical review once, from someone more experienced, they start crying a river. Like to give it, but can't take it.