Escrow service: Confidence and Security in Every Transaction and Template


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Want to be confident in the seller? The product? The service? The template?

Protect your interests and conduct safe transactions with a guarantor.

A guarantor is a person who (provides escrow service) oversees the transaction, documents the obligations of the parties, and ensures that the product/service aligns with the stated characteristics before paying the seller.

About Me:
Over 15 years of experience in online work.
2. 1000+ completed and supervised transactions.
3. Working hours: 08:00 - 23:00 in Moscow/Kiev/Riga time.
4. 50+ reviews on template development for ZennoPoster. (link)
5. I'm the head of customer and technical support in an IT company
6. More information about my activities can be found there.

3% of the transaction amount, minimum $3.

Brief Transaction Process:
The buyer and seller contact the guarantor.
2. A group chat is created for all participants, where the requirements for the product/service and the obligations of the parties, including actions in dispute situations, are documented.
3. The buyer transfers the money to the guarantor.
4. The seller sends the product or provides the service to the buyer.
5. The buyer confirms to the guarantor that the received product/service matches the stated requirements.
6. The guarantor transfers the money to the seller.

Contact me for your security escrow transactions:
Telegram: @AltMondeo

Be attentive to my correct login and beware of scammers.

All the details of the transaction regulations, terms, and my activities as a guarantor can be found in this Telegram channel:

The first 5 transactions for forum members will be free of charge. Mention the promo code "zennolab" when contacting me.

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