For everybody who has multi-threadinemail processing problems - here is your solution


So, I read over and over in the forums that the email processing doesn't work multi-threaded etc etc.

That is not correct, I tested it extensively in my templates and it works like a charm for me, granted it is not obvious or easy to make work for most of the people I guess so I come to rescue you :D

First off, Zenno deletes the emails, true...
But the emails are not gone, they are in Zenno's internal cache, you can not access the cache directly to my knowledge, but you also don't need to.

You should realize that email processing is important if you want the highest possible success rate, get more links that way, get better rankings which ultimately equals more money. So what I recommend everybody is to invest a little bit of money in a small vps server, or dedicated whatever you want.

Important is that you or server support deactivates all anti-spam software on your server, and you will see that many websites where you thought that they don't send emails all of a sudden work and u receive emails in just seconds compared to minutes with email accounts like hotmail (where some emails also never arrive)

Invest some money in domains you are gonna use only for email processing, starting with 1 domain is perfectly fine, but in the long run you should have like 50+ domains and rotate them in Zenno to decrease the footprint you leave on sites where you post.

You set up a catch all email account for every one of your domains, so you have one email account for example [email protected] and with the catch-all you can send emails to all kinds of email addresses and they will always arrive in the inbox of [email protected] where Zenno can conviently download your email.

Now you create one txt file that holds your email server config, which is used by ALL your templates (how cool is that? You don't have to create tons of hotmail accounts and copy and paste all your email from template to template)
the file could look like this for example:;995;[email protected];1234567;

Which would equal: mailserver;port;username;password;email-domain

You could possibly add unlimited configurations for unlimited domains like this to your config file, which would then be used by all of your templates in rotation, so every time a template posts it selects a different line in your email config so you dont use the same email domain on all sites you post over and over again.

You simply add a branch at the beginning of your template that gets a line from this config file, and can then access all email server details with str.split

In your template you can then simply use the str.split part that holds your email domain together with the zenno macro to create a login name, to create a random email you use to sign up for a site.

Now in your template it is important that you create two email processing branches, one that checks the text versions of the emails for the activation link, and a second branch that parses the html version of emails for the activation link.
Like for example, your template first checks the text version, on successful exit visit confirmation link, on unsuccessful exit go to html email branch

Now the regex in your template to identify the correct email, should only check for domain name in header, something like [wW].**[wW]
This will scan the header of all emails in zennos cache until it finds the correct email(s) from this domain

Now your regex to identify the confirmation link has to be made custom for every website, since all websites obviously send different emails.

But what happens now is that if Zenno finds multiple emails from the same website, it parses all of them using the regex #2 to identify the confirmation link, and will find the correct email...

This works especially well for templates that are universal, for example a Wordpress template, where you post to hundreds of sites, if you do it like I mentioned above you can use multi-threading and zenno will find almost all emails, works for me with 95%-99% accuracy.

For templates where you post to the same website with multiple threads you have to do the first regex check a little bit different, or the second one, or even both depending on how the emails look ...

There I would recommend you don't look for the domain name, you should look for the username of your account, or anything else that appears only in one email and not in the others from the same website.

But working like this will improve your templates success rate significantly! And you won't see any problems that zenno doesn't find your emails... if zenno doesn't find your email, it's not because it's deleted, it's simply because your regex doesn't work correct.

I'm running templates like this posting to hundreds of websites with 15+ threads (cant do more on my inet connection, without sacrificing success rate) and Zenno has absolutely no problems finding emails, it's the opposite, now most emails on my server arrive in literally just SECONDS. I can run most of my templates in just a few hours while posting to 800+ sites, from my home internet... :-)

Afterword: I didn't have much time to write this post, so if you find any mistakes you can keep them :-)

P.S: You should integrate the email processing inside of your template, and don't make a second template only for email processing, that won't work well. This has also the advantage that you have much more automation in your templates, let it run over night or whatever, and once it's done set it up for a new run, you don't have to verify emails then and then post to the sites, this would be a waste of time :-)

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