Multifunctional GET request Instagram parser


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The versatile GET request Instagram parser
is a ZennoPoster template that allows parsing photos, videos, carousels, text, and Stories from Instagram profiles specified in the input file. Also, the template allows parsing content by hashtag. The user can specify the proxy and folder to save the result to, and select what type of content to parse. Multiple threads.

How to use it?

Before you run the template, fill in the input settings:
  • Account tab
    • Enter your account login details
      • Enter your username (enter your username from your Instagram account)
      • Enter your password (enter your Instagram password)
      • Specify a proxy for the account (optional, format: username: password @ ip: port)
    • IPv6 proxy (check the box if IPv6 proxies are used)
    • Manual authorization (check the box if you need to enter manually, for example, if you need to enter a code from SMS)
    • Timeout for actions (specify the number of seconds to wait for actions from the user when entering manually)
    • Enter login details via mail (optional)
      • Specify login (specify login from mail account)
      • Specify the password for logging in via IMAP (enter the password for the mail account, access via IMAP must be enabled)
      • Specify a proxy for mail (optional, format: username: password @ ip: port)
  • File Paths Tab
    • Specify the path to the file with logins (@) or tags (#) (specify profiles with @ - for example: @zuck, and hash tags with # - for example: #rain)
    • How many posts to download (from one profile or one hash tag)
    • Specify the path to the file with the proxy (specify the path to the file with the proxy to download content)
    • Specify a folder to save
  • Filters tab
    • Download from posts:
      • Photo
      • Video
        • Video
        • IGTV video
        • No more (specify maximum minutes per IGTV video)
      • Carousel
      • Save text from post
    • Download from stories:
      • Photo
      • Video
    • Don't save photos with lower resolution
      • Width (specify minimum photo width)
      • Height (specify minimum photo height)
    • Don't save photos with frames
    • Do not process posts with the specified text in the signature

The minimum ZennoPoster version for the template:
Парсинг, SMM
Тип шаблона
Дата обновления
Описание обновления
fixed login check for Instagram account
fixed termination with an error if an account with no posts is specified or is closed from viewing
added the ability not to download IGTV videos, as well as set a limit on the length of the video
updated incoming settings
updated dice comments and log messages
other minor changes


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