When an instance fails


Is the failure of an instance defined by going to a website other than the one you told it to go to? Like to an ieframe, or to a proxy change to a proxy from a country that redirects away from the site, or like an error page where in truth both you and the instance were expecting something like next page 34 when you scrape the results of a forum, google or yahoo.

In cases like these, the page URL, I believe, changes slightly. Does ZP recognize this as the failure of the template and tell it to start all over again from scratch?

Only that can explain why I can't get the error page to redirect to the previous page I was at, why it seems to start a new instance from scratch.

I am using web browser get page text, get page URL and then following them with if logical procedures but they're all failing, as if to say they're being overriden by what ZP interprets as the failure of the instance and the need to restart.

Is there anyway around this? Is there anyway to override what ZP seems to have setup as default in its interpretation of the failure of an instance?

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