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ZennoDroid Enterprise is out of beta testing!

Hi everybody!
We are pleased to announce the final release of ZennoDroid with ability to connect smartphones and tablets. You can automate any Android app on your device by connecting it to your computer via USB. It means that you'll be able to solve more interesting tasks on the Android platform!

Connecting an unlimited number of Android devices

If you've never had any experience with ZennoDroid, that's okay. The program is similar to ZennoPoster, only the Android OS is used instead of a browser. General information you can find here.

ZennoDroid Enterprise is already available for purchase in your personal area.


ZennoDroid Enterprise — 397$ / year.

Buy now

What are the differences from ZennoDroid Pro?

A key feature of ZennoDroid Enterprise is the ability to connect and use a smartphone and/or tablet as an automation device.

ZennoDroid Enterprise includes ZennoDroid features.

It differs from the Pro version by the absence of several components:
  • Creating/cloning/removing a virtual machine. Since ZennoDroid Enterprise uses physical devices, not an emulator, these functions have been removed for objective reasons.
  • Changing device parameters (IMEI, device ID, mobile operator. etc.). This can only be implemented on rooted devices using Magisk+LSPosed+modules for device substitution.

Includes the benefits of ZennoPoster and ZennoDroid

Ability to limit the search area

Now in the «Search by picture» action, you can set the search area on the screen. This will allow you to more accurately select the necessary element to achieve the best search result. More detailed information on working with the action can be found here.

The None value

The None value has been added to the «Search by picture» action. Now you can check whether there is a control element on the page or not, without clicking anywhere.

Indicators of (un)successful search

The indicator allows you to find out the search result instantly, so now you don't need to wait for a pop-up window or look at the emulator window. We've simplified the work process, which is especially important when using a large number of actions.

Ability to hide part of the image

We've added the ability to hide part of the image. This will help you to make sure that the search doesn't find anything extra.
Click on the button with the image of a butterfly to turn this mode on/off.

Adjustment the frame rate

The ability to adjust the frame rate has been added to the project execution settings. It affects the rendering of the image in the preview in the «Instance» tab. As a rule, during the execution of the template, a smooth picture is not required.

The frame rate limit has a positive effect on the performance, which is especially important when working with multithreaded projects.

If this setting is disabled, the preview image will be displayed at the same frequency as set in the FPS settings of the emulator.

Action «Send e-mail»

With this action, you can set up notifications about the template operation (successful execution, an error occurred, etc.), which will be immediately sent to your e-mail. Also, now it is possible to send messages automatically from your address to the mail that you specify in the program settings. This will save you from unnecessary steps and save your time.

Here you can read how to add mail services.

Automatic installation/updating of programs

Now the program installer has an automatic silent installation mode via the command line.

This update is especially important for those who administer multiple servers with ZennoLab products. Now you can install and update programs automatically.

Here you can find a detailed description of the commands and arguments.

Clear variables

There is a new option «Clear variables» in the variables processing action.

There are three modes:
  • All;
  • The listed;
  • All except listed.
It might be useful when there is a loop in a project and you have to clear variable values before the new iteration. So the values from the previous iteration won’t affect the new one.

Reload Google Spreadsheet

Added a new option «Reload table» to the «Table processing» action. It performs the same function as the
, button, which can be found in the in the properties of Google Sheets. This allows you to update the data in the sheet, if you entered it manually via a regular browser or another template.

Improved context menu icons

Now the icons in the «Set the value from profile» menu have become colored to make it easier to distinguish them.

Added C# methods

Now you can find instance using C# methods. Additional functionality will help to simplify the process for those who work with the code.

The new version has C# methods for the following categories:
  • Data input (send special characters, insert text, typing, clear input field, execute Android Shell commands).
  • Click emulation (swipe, click, draw Z, draw an ellipse).
  • Working with a virtual machine (choose a random machine, choose a machine by index/name/full name, start and stop).
  • Information (get the index and name of the current machine, get the structure).
  • Working with the app (open, close, clear cache, complete cleaning, active app, all apps, all system apps, all third-party apps, open developer menu, close all apps, install, delete).
  • Image search (set value, image search RGB/Grayscale/Black&White, search by image in a given area).


At the moment there is no trial or demo version yet.

Yes. You can automate Android-apps on multiple devices.

ZennoDroid Enterprise is multithreaded like the Pro version.

There is no such possibility in Enterprise. You can automate work only with physical devices (smartphones / tablets) based on Android.

You'll need to get root on your Android device.

Next, there are several options for changing values:
Magisk + Module for substitution.

Or put LSPosed (up to and including Android 8 XPosed) in Magisk
And put a module for substituting device in LSPosed, for example XPrivacyLua.

With each new version of Android, the protection is getting stronger and different substitutions work worse. Therefore, it is better not to strive to use modern phones. If the functionality of Android 8, 9, 10 is enough, then it will be easier to work with them.

You need to enable USB debugging in developer mode and perform a number of simple questions.

Step-by-step instructions

You can use one of four keyboard options to enter.
More information about each of them you can find here.

One program thread can only work with one device. It means that you need to connect as many devices as you are going to use threads. How to do it?
  1. Connect devices via USB to a computer with ZennoDroid installed.
  2. Enable debugging mode on each of them.
  3. Use the «Select» action to select a specific device.
  4. Start the VM using the «Run \ Restart» action.

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ZennoLab Team

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Where to download?

ZennoDroid is already available in your personal area!
Also it is available when starting ProjectMaker.

How to report bugs?

Please report all bugs in the topic Bugs, providing detailed description and script playback. This will allow us to fix the error quickly.
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