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Use Chromium extensions (Beta)

We have added the ability to use extensions in the Chromium engine. Some extensions is not available yet, but you can already test AdBlock and VPN.


AdBlock will help you to avoid annoying ads and to be totally involved in the workflow without distraction. Just install the extension and disable ad in the settings.


When using VPN, no need to worry about your privacy on the Internet: transmitted information is protected from the third parties, geolocation is hidden and access to the regional content is open.

You can install extensions from the *.crx file in the action «Browser» → «Works with extensions».

Your suggestions on the work of extensions are welcome! We will give it to the development department.

What else is left to do?
  • Done Chromium is not built into ProjectMaker, but we are actively working on it now. You can choose a new engine in the project settings, but it will run only in ZennoPoster. CEF will be enabled during debugging in PM. Therefore, you should evaluate the work of the new engine only after launching it in ZennoPoster.
  • Done There may be some problems in Windows 2012 Server with the display of Chromium instances.
  • Done Touch events support is not implemented.
  • Done The traffic window temporarily doesn't work when the Chromium engine is selected in the ProjectMaker.
  • Done The action «Content analysis» → «Article Extraction» doesn't work in Chromium yet.
  • Done The ChangeResponse method for substituting data in Chromium requests is not implemented.
  • Done The «Content policy» function temporarily does not work in Chromium.
  • Chromium doesn't work with the old profile format *.zpprofile. We recommend to use profile folder, because this method allows you to store data without any loss.
  • Chromium may be displayed incorrectly in Windows 7.
  • Notification is not implemented in the Chromium browser.

Simulate a pageview

At your requests, we have added the «Pageview simulation» function. Now you only need to add the cube to the project and it will automatically view necessary pages the way the real person does, while you are doing more important things.

Send e-mail

We have added the «Send e-mail» function to simplify the interaction with the template.

This action will give you an opportunity to configure notifications about the work of the template (successful execution, errors, etc.), which will immediately come to your e-mail. It is also possible to send messages automatically from your address to any e-mail, that you will specify in the program settings. Save your time.

Install and update programs automatically

Now the program installer has an automatic silent installation mode via the command line.

This update is especially important for those who administer multiple servers with ZennoLab products. Now you can automatically install and update programs.

Full Changelog


+ Added extensions support for the Chromium engine.
+ Added a notification to the ProjectMaker that extensions are only available in Chromium: «Working with browser extensions is only available for Chromium browser. To change the browser type, open the Project Settings → Browser type».
+ Added the «Mouse emulation» action. Just set the time from-to and during this time the project will perform human-like mouse movements and scroll on the currently loaded page.
+ Added «Send e-mail» action to send notifications from your mail service to any e-mail address using a SMTP server.
+ Added the Traffic window to the ProjectMaker for the Chromium engine.
+ Chromium now supports the Content Policy function.
+ Optimized the layout of buttons in the browser window menu in the ProjectMaker.
+ Improved anonymity in Chromium.
+ Added the ability to substitute the contents of requests and responses: ChangeRequest and ChangeResponse for the Chromium engine.
+ Added a checkbox «Keep pinned rows and columns» to the ProjectMaker for the Google Spreadsheet static block. When loading a spreadsheet, an additional request will be executed to get the pinned columns and rows. An additional request consumes the account's request limit.
+ Added «Article Extraction» action for the Chromium engine.


Fixed a bug where the settings of the «Send e-mail» action didn't open.
Fixed a bug where where the focus in the ProjectMaker worked incorrectly when updating the Element Tree.
Fixed hCaptcha recognition on the site
Fixed a bug where the Chromium engine in the ProjectMaker clipped the browser display at a screen scale of 150%.
Fixed a bug where the Swipe action stopped working and the cursor display accelerated when swiping.
Fixed a bug where the resizes of Chromium browser in ProjectMaker stopped working after starting the project «from the beginning».
Fixed a bug where the Chromium engine displays a small size of the visible area on the desktop browser profile.
Fixed a bug where actions could be selected instead of moving around the project using the spacebar and mouse.
Fixed a bug where the action of getting screenshot of the whole instance worked incorrectly in the Chromium engine.
Fixed a bug where ProjectMaker could freeze when working via RDP.
Fixed a bug where the «Finish» button didn't work in the ProjectMaker when processing mail.
Fixed a bug where clearing the cache on CEF engine led to their reset and direct traffic from a real IP after installing the proxy format socks5://username:password@ip:port.
Fixed the problem of opening the file selection dialog in CEF while waiting for users actions.
Fixed a bug where Google Spreadsheet with 1000+ rows and the «First line - headers» option didn't synchronized.

Installation and update

This release is available in the personal account to all clients with active updates. If you don't have a license yet, you can purchase it on our website.

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