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Chromium improvements

Chromium 105

The 105th version of the Chromium browser engine will allow you to improve the quality of profiles in your projects, as well as work with even more websites.

Added Chromium startup argument --enable-site-isolation-trials

When launching the browser with this argument, the site isolation mode turns on, which is enabled in Chrome by default. But it is disabled in ZennoPoster by default for resource optimization.

Site isolation solves the problem of endless redirects and captchas on CloudFlare, as well as problems with SoundCloud.

At the moment some Chromium functionality in the presence of isolated frames will not work fully:
  • working with elements in child frames is not supported yet,
  • working with actions that require a document tree (Dom, Text, Page Source and other) is also limited,
  • isolated frames are not taken into account when waiting for the page to load.

On the other hand, all work with the main document and non-isolated page frames remains full. We are working on implementing the missing functionality for isolated frames.

DNS over HTTPS support

We've added the ability to configure DNS over HTTPS (DoH) to Chromium. This technology will improve privacy and security by encrypting traffic sent to DNS servers.

You can enable it in the cube «Browser» → «Settings» → «Set proxy».

You need to specify the URLs of DoH servers (separated by a space) in the «DNS over HTTPS templates» field, for example:
Also added an overload of the Instance.SetProxy(ProxySettings proxySettings, NetworkSettings networkSettings) method in C#.

Improved performance

Results of work on improving the performance of Chromium:
  • Optimized IO consumption.
  • Improved work with navigation and requests, fixed possible causes of freezes. Now waiting for Chromium page load works correctly.

Added ReCaptcha compatibility mode when solving hCaptcha

We've added «ReCaptcha compatibility mode» option to the «Start hCaptcha interception» cube. This will improve the work with websites that use both protections.

Full changelog


+ The Chromium browser engine is updated to version 105.
+ Improved Chromium browser fingerprint emulation in workers and other browser entities.
+ Ability to configure DNS over HTTPS in Chromium.
+ Overloading Instance.SetProxy(ProxySettings proxySettings, NetworkSettings networkSettings) method in C#.
+ Improved Chromium browser performance, optimized IO consumption.
+ Improved work with navigation and requests, fixed possible causes of freezes.
+ Added «ReCaptcha compatibility mode» option to the «Start hCaptcha interception» cube. This will improve the work with websites that use both protections.
+ Added a new launch argument for Chromium --theme. The argument takes two values light and dark. The argument affects the Chromium theme, by default the theme depends on the operating system. Example: --theme=light.
+ Added auto fix for old issues with the «Variables processing» cube. The problem was the uncontrolled growth of the project size. Previously, the cube was corrected only when it was reopened.
+ The Audio browser profile setting is divided into two options: Audio and Audio (noise).
Audio is responsible for the parameters of JS objects. Audio (noise) is an algorithm for emulating a fingerprint. Audio is now on by default, but Audio (noise) is off. For older projects, when the Audio option is on, both Audio and Audio (noise) will be turned on, when the option is off – both of them will be turned off.
+ The Client Rect browser profile setting has been renamed to Client Rect (noise) and is disabled by default for new projects.
+ In browser profile settings added a setting to emulate canvas when super emulation fails. Now you can select the noise mode if the super emulation didn't work.
+ Added the setting for determining the «output» IP in the SetProxy action. Now you can determine the IP address automatically, taking into account the determination error or ignoring it, or enter the address manually.
+ Added Notification API support in Chromium. The LastNotificationText and LastNotificationTitle macros, as well as the corresponding properties in the API, now work the same as other browsers.
+ Added «Hide instance for users» option to projects encryption settings. If this option is enabled in the project and the user has only Execute permission, then the browser will not be shown in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker except for «Waiting for user action».
+ Added tracking algorithms for canvas super emulation with measureText functions.
+ Added Chromium startup argument --enable-site-isolation-trials.
+ Added support for webp image format for the «Image processing» action.
+ «Execute BadEnd when aborting project» setting is now enabled by default for new tasks.
+ The launch of ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker has been slightly accelerated.


Fixed the loading freeze on some sites like or
Fixed the use of sec-ch-ua header in the Chromium browser.
Now Chromium consumes less system threads, which has a positive effect on overall performance.
Fixed instance.DownloadsPath for Chromium, including downloading files via extensions.
Fixed issue with extensions disappearing when loading profile folders.
Fixed possible system crashes into a blue screen due to handle and stream leaks for Chromium.
Fixed handle leaks in ProjectMaker.
Fixed an issue where the Chromium extension window blocks ProjectMaker from maximizing.
Now ZennoPoster goes to BadEnd when a project is interrupted (enable the option «Execute BadEnd when aborting project» on the «Stop» tab).
Fixed the issue of deleting lines between cubes, where the cube associated with the line was also deleted.
Fixed issue with changing the layout of ProjectMaker windows when maximizing to full screen and switching from full screen to normal size, as well as opening projects with ProjectMaker minimized.
The DevTools context menu window now opens in the correct place.
When solving hCaptcha, the log no longer mentions ReCaptcha.
Fixed inheritance of seed Canvas settings when starting a browser in a browserless project.
Fixed horizontal scroll reset when clicking in the input field on the Avito website.
The action constructor now correctly writes the cube with the element that was searched for in the extension popup, and it has been already closed.
Fixed browser interaction issue in ProjectMaker after successively launching Without browser and launching Chromium.
Fixed sitekey parsing for hCaptcha on some websites.
Fixed an issue of losing the ProjectMaker project when saving it to a drive with no free space.
Fixed transfer of IndexedDB folder when converting profile folder from CEF to Chromium.
Fixed flickering of extension windows in Chromium.
Fixed canvas and webgl noise on some websites in Chromium.
Fixed issues when the Chromium profile folder remained occupied after the project was running.
Fixed performance of instance.SetWindowSize in ZennoPoster, including the Screen Maximize option in the profile settings.
Fixed an issue where ClientRect noise could sometimes fail.
Fixed the operation of the cube «Run instance» with the «Without browser» option. Sometimes the execution of the cube fell with an error.
Fixed situations when the ZennoPoster task scheduler was freezing.
Fixed Chromium crash when using outdated font API methods for this browser.
Fixed several visual bags such as displaying a URL from another/closed tab, displaying a message about a project without browser, browser startup error message and a visual bug of incorrect page loading status change for Chromium.
Fixed outdated navigator field adjustment for Chromium browser.
Fixed keyboard emulation for Russian, English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian and Belarusian layouts in the Chromium browser. Keyboard metadata for the listed layouts is now sent correctly. The layout is determined automatically based on the emulated text.
Fixed full mouse emulation in multithread for Chromium.
Fixed working with tab activity (sometimes the action would fail because Chromium didn't identify the active tab correctly).
Fixed some issues with taking screenshots in Chromium, previously noise or pixilation could appear when taking screenshots.
Fixed the display «How to execute» field in the task schedule.
Fixed escaping special characters when converting text processing cubes to C# code.
Fixed the «Run instance» execution in ProjectMaker with the same profile folder as the running Chromium.
Fixed rendering of the Chromium browser when the browser is larger than the desktop size.
Fixed getting url and domain for frames in Chromium.
Fixed the work of OpenCV libraries with ZennoPoster.
We've returned the variable copy button in HTTP/GET/POST cubes.
Fixed the layout of the «Run instance» cube.
Fixed getting screenshots in Chromium with pages with scrolls, as well as search by image on pages with scrolls.
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